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The World's First Airport Cannabis Dispensary Plans to Open This Summer

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by Olivia Harden Apr 9, 2022

Canadians will soon be able to easily fly high right before or shortly after coming down from 30,000 feet.

At a press conference in January, Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) announced that it partnered with Copilot, a dispensary that is “pioneering cannabis for travel.” Since then, the Prince George City Council gave preliminary approval with the support of airport regulators for the first airport dispensary in Canada — and the world — at Prince George Airport Authority.

Canada legalized cannabis in 2018 and Canadian law allows domestic air travelers to have up to 30 grams of flower or the equivalent in other products. To accommodate travelers, many airports have already established areas where the consumption of cannabis is permitted.

“Our goal from day one has been to create a differentiated retail experience that stands out from any store you might see downtown,” Owen Ritz, co-founder of Copilot told the Canadian Press.

Copilot staff will check customers’ boarding passes to ensure that they are booked on a domestic flight. The airport dispensary will not sell cannabis to international travelers or those employed by the airport or airlines. However, two of Canada’s major airlines, Air Canada and WestJet, cited concerns about passengers with international layovers and intoxicated passengers.

“This could be highly problematic,” said Serge Corbeil, Air Canada’s director of local and provincial government relations at a public hearing, according to High Times. “(And) while rare, there are instances where a flight may be domestic, but be diverted into the United States.”

Prince George City Councilor Cori Ramsey disagreed due to the fact that a number of Canadian airports already have cannabis consumption areas and businesses that sell and serve alcohol. Ramsey went so far during the public hearing to say that there could be dispensaries in most Canadian airports in the span of 15 years.

There’s currently no set date for Copilot’s opening, but the company’s website says summer 2022. Maybe the next time you’re province hopping in Canada, you’ll be able to purchase and enjoy a joint or two without leaving the airport.

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