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Carnival Cruise Already Has More Bookings for 2022 Than in 2019

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by Eben Diskin Jan 12, 2021

Those concerned about the state of the cruise industry now have reason to be hopeful. Carnival Cruise Line has announced that it already has more bookings for 2022 than it did in 2019, pointing to a triumphant comeback for the beleaguered industry.

In a fourth-quarter earnings call, the cruise line revealed that bookings for the first half of 2022 are already outpacing bookings for the first half of 2019, Travel Weekly reported.

Carnival CFO David Bernstein said, “We are seeing good demand in all of the various cruise markets, whether it be Caribbean itineraries, Europe itineraries, there is good demand for Australia, world cruises, etc. It’s broad-based and across all the brands.”

And these 2022 bookings aren’t just due to the prospect of COVID-19 vaccines. About 45 percent of passengers with canceled cruises had opted for future cruise credits by November 30, 2020 — before any vaccines were authorized for use — and 55 percent of those people have already booked future cruises. Carnival expects that number to grow over the coming year.

Currently, Carnival’s cruising operations are paused through the first half of this year, with some cruises canceled through September.

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