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Carnival Cruise Line Launches First Roller Coaster at Sea

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by Jori Ayers Aug 2, 2021

As cruise ships are starting to set sail again, Carnival Cruise Line’s newest vessel Mardi Gras has set the cruise ship craziness bar higher. Just when you thought cruise ships couldn’t possibly offer any more attractions, they’ve upped the ante by creating the world’s first on-board roller coaster.

And they’ve put it on a very, very large ship. Mardi Gras is a 181,808-ton vessel that is 35 percent bigger than the biggest Carnival cruise ship. It can hold up to 6,630 passengers and it’s one of the top 10 biggest cruise ships ever built.

But it’s not about the size of the vessel; it’s about what they are putting inside this space. Mardi Gras is the first ship to build a working and running roller coaster on board. BOLT: The Ultimate Sea Coaster is an 800-foot long coaster that hits about 40 miles per hour, designed by the German company Maurer Rides.

“Every time you go, the ship will be moving to a different port. You’ll have a different view, a different moment, and then, of course, you control it yourself,” said Steve Boney, executive business development of Maurer Rides in a video made by Carnival Cruise Line.

The coaster is suspended above the ship’s outer decks, reaching 187 feet above the water while also giving 360 views of the ocean. The cart can carry up to two passengers, and those in the “driver” seat can control the speeds of the cart.

BOLT isn’t the only thriller and entertainment that’s aboard Mardi Gras. The ship is also home to Carnival’s biggest waterpark and other entertainments like Family Feud Live, in addition to new dining venues such as the first Emeril Lagasse restaurant at sea.

Mardi Gras made its first voyage on Saturday. If you want to test your stamina against sea sickness by not just being on a boat, but being on a roller coaster on a boat, then visit Carnival’s website for more information and book your next voyage.

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