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Celebrate #DonutFriday at the Best Donut Shops in the United States

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by Tim Wenger May 11, 2018

Nobody likes #manicmonday. #TBT? Passe. A new trend is rising within the weekday hashtag scene and it’s for sure the most crave-able thing on Instagram. Tell me — what are you doing for #donutfriday?

This little ode to everything that’s right in the world recently burst its way into my Insta-bubble. I had to figure out where this started and who was responsible for it, and hungrily dove headfirst into the Insta-abyss, vowing to find the genius behind our new favorite thing. Along the way we found more than few gems that had us drooling over our keyboards.

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As our list of donuts to try grew past the amount any human should ever consume, we found out that #donutfriday actually started on Thursdays, and one Instagram account, in particular, seemed to own the strategy of staying ahead of the game by posting their #donutfriday photos a “hole” day in advance. Of the over 15,000 posts using the hashtag, Ratio Coffee & Pastry, a small bakery in Vernon, British Columbia, stood out. They’d been using the hashtag, long before it had been widely adopted, on Thursdays in order to allow ample time to get taste buds flowing before doors opened on Friday morning. The strategy seems to be working, as their posts routinely draw 200-plus likes.

Ratio, which also slings coffee, pizza, and other pastries, only sells donuts on #donutfriday. Available options change each week. The shop has generated a sort of cult following among locals as well as tourists in this mountain town about five hours northeast of Vancouver. “We weren’t just another place for people to get their daily fix,” says owner Andrew McWilliam “We stood apart for two reasons: our passion for quality and fostering community.” In the interest of including community members with dietary restrictions, Ratio features a gluten friendly and vegan option each week.

A number of other donut shops have since mastered the art of seducing the carb-loving public. Among the highlights:

Doodle Donuts in the UK:

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Dorite Donuts in Chicago:

Avid Kitchen & Garden in New York:

Troudebeigne in Montreal:

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While you now know where to grab a donut the next time you’re in British Columbia, if you find yourself planted stateside, here are a list of the best donut hawkers in the US for your inaugural #donutfriday.

Union Square Donuts –Boston, Massachusetts

Few donut shops have the Instagram presence of Union Square Donuts. Their channel will have you drooling over your keyboard before you even scroll past the Top 9. If you’re in the Boston area, satisfy that craving with a jumbleberry donut: a creation straight out of Willy Wonka that combines blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries in one glaze.

Voodoo Doughnut — Portland, Denver, Austin, Orlando

Portland-based Voodoo Doughnut and their noticeable pink boxes filled with eccentric-flavored donuts are a cult phenomenon out west. None are more iconic than their maple bacon bar, which arguably kickstarted the bacon-on-desserts trend that isn’t leaving any time soon. Several other locations have opened since, including one on the east coast (finally) that just opened at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Dough — New York City

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Chef Fany Gerson turned this small Brooklyn donut shop into a mainstay of the city’s pastry scene. The donuts are as big as the name, and extra dense thanks to the unique brioche style, so make sure you wear your stretchy pants.

The Holy Donut — Portland, Maine

If you’re a fan of potatoes, The Holy Donut is your spot. Potatoes are found in every single donut this shop makes, but no, they don’t taste like french fries; potatoes make up the dough base. If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice donuts come fall, be sure to try the equally delicious sweet potato donut.

Kettle Glazed Doughnuts — Los Angeles, California

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In a pursuit to ruin everyone’s strict Hollywood diets, Kettle Glazed serves up the ultimate indulgences. Try a flaky croissant-style donut, or a marshmallow cream-filled S’mores donut, topped with a graham cracker of course.

Round Rock Donuts — Round Rock, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and donuts are no exception. Round Rock Donuts is home to the Texas-sized donut (above), which they sling for the low price of $6.99.

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill — Kalamazoo, Michigan

Sweetwater’s has taken over the donut scene in Michigan with force, with a loyal following patronizing each location. The Oberon, pictured above, is Michigan’s best donut. Case in point? There’s a pretzel on top.

The Salty Donut — Miami, Florida

In the artsy Wynwood district of Miami, you’ll find a line stretching down the block every morning to grab a donut from the Salty Donut truck before they sell out. Inspired by the local Cuban flair, you’ll find donuts with ingredients like guava, pineapple, and best of all, rum. They even pipe rum directly into little donut holes with mini pipettes for a boozy treat.

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