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This Cheap, New Overnight Train Will Take You From Prague to the Croatian Coast

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by Eben Diskin Jul 14, 2020

There’s a new way for travelers who want to leave the beauty of the Czech Republic behind to hit the beach this summer. A new overnight train service between Prague and the Croatian coast, operated by the private Czech company RegioJet, launched last month and became an instant phenomenon.

The train was so popular upon its initial launch that RegioJet increased its frequency from three times a week to once per day. It even set a record for ticket sales, selling 4,000 in a single day. The daily schedule will only be in place until late September, however, when the train will return to operating three times a week.

The train leaves Prague every day at 5:20 PM, stopping in Brno and Bratislava in Slovakia before traveling overnight to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and ending at Rijeka, Croatia, at 9:00 AM the next day.

While the train itself will only bring you to Rijeka, the fare also includes bus connections to over 30 locations on the Croatian coast for an additional small fee.

Prices are $25 for a normal seat and $34 for a sleeping compartment. Tickets can be booked online.

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