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The Cheapest, and Most Expensive, States to Buy a Pizza In

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by Jori Ayers Aug 11, 2021

When you don’t know what to eat, pizza is often the simplest and quickest way to go. America’s love for pizza can’t be denied, and from time to time, munching on a pizza is fulfilling. What isn’t fulfilling is paying for overpriced pizza. Expensivity mapped out the average price of pizza in every US city and state to find the average price by city and the density of pizzerias per person in the US.

All prices, pizzerias, and menus were gathered from MenuWithPrice, and Yelp. The company also estimated the number of pizzerias in every city and state. Due to the imprecise menu data, the average prices reflect pizzas of all sizes.

City and state populations were gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau, and cities that had at least 10 pizzerias and a population of 100,000 or more people were included in the final data set. You can visit the Expensivity website for more information on this year’s pizza index for more pizza data.

Cheapest cheese pizza

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North Dakota$6.64
Rhode Island $6.68
Massachusetts $6.67
Oregon $6.96
Utah $7.00
Delaware $7.01
Ohio $7.02
South Carolina $7.10
New Hampshire $7.14
Indiana $7.15

Most expensive cheese pizza

Alaska $9.21
Oklahoma $9.00
Montana $9.07
Vermont $8.83
Connecticut $8.76
Pennsylvania $8.72
Kentucky $8.60
Mississippi $8.56
Kansas $8.51
Wyoming $8.39

Cheapest pepperoni pizza

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Utah $6.49
West Virginia $7.70
Pennsylvania $8.08
Tennesse $8.70
Virginia $8.93
New York $9.20
South Carolina $9.40
Vermont $9.41
Massachusetts $9.48
Connecticut $9.62

Most expensive pepperoni pizza

Oklahoma $15.56
Iowa $15.38
Kansas $14.96
Alabama $14.77
Hawaii $14.25
Kentucky $14.16
Alaska $13.89
Minnesota $13.74
Nebraska $13.39
Oregon $13.00

Density of Pizzerias per 100,000 people

Photo: Expensivity

Rhode Island: 37.3
Connecticut: 36.8
Pennsylvania: 36.2
New Jersey: 35.7
Iowa: 34.6
Delaware: 34.0
New Hampshire: 33.5
Ohio: 32.0
West Virginia: 31.2
New York: 29.4

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