One of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season isn’t gift-getting, or gingerbread house-making, or tree-decorating — it’s perusing those eye-catching Christmas displays in shop windows. This time of year, stores go all out to make sure you’ll check out their wares, even if you never actually set foot inside the store itself. From Broadway-inspired scenes complete with costumes and props to glitzy, high-end displays, some of these windows are sheer works of art. Here are nine of the most amazing Christmas window displays around the world.

1. Selfridges, London

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Selfridges is generally the first store in the world to launch its holiday displays, and this year was no exception. Getting an extremely early jump on the season, the Christmas window installation was unveiled in October at the store’s London, Birmingham, and Manchester locations. This year, Selfridges has chosen a rock ‘n’ roll theme, complete with hardcore Santas sporting vintage guitars and leather outfits, as well as other glam-rock inspired items set against a green, red, and metallic color scheme.

2. Macy’s Herald Square, New York City

There’s nothing like Christmas in New York City, and Macy’s has always been a leading purveyor of holiday cheer in the city. This year, the Macy’s window display at the Herald Square location certainly doesn’t disappoint. The star of the display is Sunny the Snowpal — an astronaut snowman. Her Christmas adventures play out in various space-themed window installations, with guests even able to take an active role thanks to a custom-designed interactive video game. Against an LED Christmas backdrop, you can guide Sunny through snowflakes as she chases Santa’s sleigh.

3. Bergdorf Goodman, New York City

Photo: bergdorfs/Instagram

This might be the tastiest window display in the world. Bergdorf Goodman on 58th Street has decorated its windows with delicious holiday treats, including cupcakes, bonbons, licorice, macarons, and other confections. There’s a window inhabited by life-sized gingerbread bears wandering around a pastry-filled forest. Another one is dedicated to candy canes, and a separate window even features two French royals luxuriously dressed in pink cotton candy outfits.

4. Liberty, London


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Inspired by the beautiful wooden carvings of animals found all over the store’s panels and pillars and created in the 1920s, Liberty’s windows and store are filled with black and white 2-D animals, amongst Christmas-decorated homes and gifts. The store’s website explains the legends of the Liberty animals coming to life on Christmas night when the customers are gone, saying “When Yuletide comes, and the last light has been extinguished, the characters of our timber foundations awake!” Customers will also find a giant levitating hot air balloon and Christmas trees decked out in eucalyptus.

5. Harrods, London

Photo: Harrods/Facebook

Harrods, London’s most famous department store, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its holiday decor. This year, it created the world of Fantastica, “an emporium of wonder and magic,” and a Department of Surprise and Delight to bring moments of magic to every shopper who enters. The window displays match the level of details inside with so many lights, glitters, and crystals that you’ll be instantly transported.

6. Tiffany & Co., New York City


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It should come as no surprise that Tiffany’s flagship store on New York City’s 5th Avenue has one of the most decadent Christmas window displays in the world. It features, among other scenes, a pretend oven in which gingerbread men adorned with precious jewels are slowly cooking and a transparent pipe filled with little holiday helpers helping deliver gifts.

7. Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Photo: Galeries Lafayette/Facebook

The Galeries Lafayette, an iconic Parisian department store with amazing architectural details, is partnering with luxury watch and jewelry brand Piaget to create this year’s festive Christmas windows. In addition to being packed with presents, the window will also feature items from the shop’s shoe and clothing selections. Designed by expert craftsmen and decorators, the display is full of fun animated figures, magical scenery, and dreamlike worlds, which will appeal particularly to children this holiday season. For more holiday madness, go inside the store and check out the gorgeous Christmas tree.

8. Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City


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Perhaps the most luxurious and dramatic of this year’s displays belongs to Saks Fifth Avenue. And it’s also for a good cause. The store partnered with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids to create the windows, which are themed “Theater of Dreams.” The installation pays homage to the glamour of Broadway with incredibly detailed mannequins showing off the latest holiday looks. There’s also a shoe-emporium inspired by the Emerald City.