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9 Classic Wisconsin Debates

by Sarah Puckett Apr 16, 2019

Wisconsinites may be united about what football team to cheer for and whether our lakes are better than Minnesota’s, but we have our disagreements, too. Whether it’s at the bar or snacking on cheese, these nine classic Dairy State debates sneak their way into our conversations.

1. Is Brett Favre a traitor?

Some Wisconsinites still love him, while others love to hate him. It might be old news by now, but we’re still split on whether he’s a traitor to our beloved Packers.

2. Should we vacation in the Dells or Door County?

Summer is coming, and so the question at every family’s dinner table is whether to vacation in Door County or the Dells. Door County has wine and lakefront beaches, but the Dells has every water slide configuration you can fathom. It’s impossible to decide.

3. Which is better — Miller Lite or Miller High Life?

Wisconsinites are all beer people, but when it comes to light beer, we are a state divided. Is Miller Lite the best light beer, or is Miller High Life really the Champagne of beers after all? The only way to find out is to drink up.

4. Which city is best — Madison or Milwaukee?

Wisconsin’s two big cities are only two hours apart, but very different. To make up your mind you just need to figure out if you prefer hipsters, academia, and trying a new craft brewery every week, or big breweries, skyscrapers, and summers on Lake Michigan.

5. Red Wings or Blackhawks?

With no professional hockey team of our own to accompany our undeniable love of the game, we’re forced to choose among outside teams. But, really, we have no idea if we should cheer for the Red Wings or the Blackhawks.

6. Is Up North better in summer or winter?

Boating or ice fishing? Swimming or snowshoeing? We all love going Up North, but we have different ideas on the best time of year to go. Some people are diehard winter fans who relish in cross country skiing through snowy forests, while others prefer summer bonfires and warm lakeside days.

7. State politics

We don’t need election season to remind us that we’re a swing state (or a polka state as our uncle would say at Thanksgiving). No matter where you are in Wisconsin, chances are high that there are as many political opinions as there are people.

8. Should your cheese curds be white cheddar or orange cheddar?

Nevermind that they taste almost identical or that we’ll happily eat either. The fact that they are so similar makes the decision even more difficult.

9. And should they be fried or fresh?

If you want fresh curds, they must be eaten the day they are made. Alternatively, fried cheese curds can be enjoyed long after creation. On the flip side, deep-frying cheese is obviously less healthy than not. But let’s be honest, nobody in Wisconsin is eating cheese curds for their health benefits. We might argue over which is best, but at the end of the day, we’ll eat whatever cheese is put in front of us.

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