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This Company Gives Its Employees More Time Off if They Don’t Fly

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by Eben Diskin Feb 28, 2020

Convincing people to forego flying on their next vacation is a pretty tough sell. People understand climate change and emissions concerns on an academic level, but when it comes to actually making your travel plans more inconvenient for the betterment of the environment, it’s a whole different story. This UK-based company, however, is encouraging its employees to take sustainable modes of transportation by offering extra days off.

As part of its Climate Perks Scheme, Greenhouse PR is giving employees extra holiday days to compensate for time lost through not flying.

Anna Guyer, chief executive of Greenhouse PR, said in a press release, “We offer extra holiday days to accommodate slower, lower-carbon public transport options. So many businesses say they care about the climate emergency, but they aren’t treating it as one. I urge them to join us in offering reward schemes such as Climate Perks and help spur the flight-free movement.”

According to Flight Free UK, one return long-haul flight generates more CO2 emissions than the average person consuming meat or using a car for a year. Flying is currently the fastest growing source of CO2 emissions.

“Up to now,” said Guyer, “however much people cared about the environment, flying was a carbon-heavy luxury they avoided talking about. They’ll take a reusable coffee cup, yet won’t consider the sleeper train.”

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