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This Company Is Looking for a Chief Noodle Officer, and the Pay Is $10K and Free Ramen for 50 Years

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by Eben Diskin Oct 12, 2020

Nissin Foods Top Ramen, inventor of instant ramen, wants to pay someone $10,000 to eat ramen and help develop new ideas, in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary.

In addition to the cash, the new Chief Noodle Officer (CNO) will receive a 50-year supply of ramen. They’ll also receive a personal mentorship with the company’s CEO Mike Price.

The job consists of tasting new Top Ramen products before anyone else and providing feedback and recipe ideas.

The company is looking for someone with “oodles of passion for noodle” and an “interest in the food innovation industry.”

The company explained in a statement, “From noodle connoisseurs to self-proclaimed chefs, Nissin knows that Top Ramen wouldn’t be what it is today without the tasty creations born in kitchens coast-to-coast. In honor of the brand’s 50 year anniversary (and National Noodle Day), they’re turning one talented fan into an honorary member of the Top Ramen team.”

To apply, share a photo of your favorite Top Ramen creation, along with the recipe on social media, and tag Original Top Ramen and #howdoyoutopramen. Then send a link to your post with a short cover letter via email. Applications are due by October 30, 2020, and will be judged by a panel that includes Top Chef: All-Stars winner Melissa King.

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