In Australia, “Contiki” is a noun, a verb, and a rite of passage. Travelers — specifically those ages 18 to 35 — go on Contiki, which originally meant embarking on a big trip across Europe. It’s a play on the brand Contiki, which has been taking young people around Europe since 1962. Today, Contikis are still for this Gen Z/Millennial age group, but they happen all around the globe.

Americans are just now discovering the joys of Contiki-ing. You travel in a group — typically 70% solo travelers, 30% established friends or couples — for a few days to a few weeks, from African safaris to island-hopping through the Galapagos. More accurately called social travel, Contiki’s group trips hold several advantages over solo and independent travel. Here are some big pros:

1. Convenience: All your travel plans are sorted for you.

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The hours it takes to find flight deals, arrange accommodations, scope out decent restaurants and events, and research discount cards, open hours, and public transit, never mind figure out transfers between destinations — planning a big international trip is pretty much a full-time job. With Contiki, you get a built-in, pro-level travel agent with no strings attached.

Not only are all the logistics taken care of for you, but many come bundled in the price — comfy accommodations are included, local experiences are included, some dining is included, and anything you’ll need in order to explore (e.g., rail cards) is typically included, too. Best part: You’ll have a Trip Manager traveling with you, someone who’s well-versed in your destinations, knows the best secret spots, and can help you navigate the local environment — without micromanaging your time or how you prefer to experience a destination.

Note: Trips can be by destination, sure, but they can also be by style — check out Contiki’s small-group trips, one-week trips, beach trips, hiking trips, Pride trips, Christmas trips, even trips on sale…you get it.

2. Companionship: You can travel solo without traveling alone.

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Coordinating schedules, budgets, and interests, lassoing up friends or family to do a big trip is an absolute chore. On the flip side, traveling solo can feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or just unfun — which makes group travel a natural solution. Contiki’s focus on solo travelers ages 18–35 practically guarantees an engaging, lively, common-ground atmosphere. In fact, lifelong friendships and even marriages can all start on Contiki.

3. Comprehensiveness: You’ll see more, do more, and travel more sustainably.

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Imagine planning a nine-day adventure across Italy, hitting six different cities from north to south. Imagine 13 days in Japan, including stays in traditional ryokan. Or how about a Grecian experience, hopping across half a dozen different islands? With Contiki, the trips are often elaborate and truly grand — in many cases, grander than you might have planned yourself.

And yet, as you see and do more, your travel impact is less. With fewer rental cars, private shuttles, and taxis, you’re contributing fewer emissions and leaving these unforgettable destinations a bit more navigable for everyone else. Contiki has ambitious sustainability goals, and on-trip you can enjoy their award-winning Make Travel Matter experiences: fun and immersive ways to give something back to the planet, as well as the people and wildlife you interact with.

Note: Contiki is on the path to zero emissions. Read more about their climate action plan to feel that much better about your next trip.

4. Confidence: You can travel with trust — no matter where you go.

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Contiki’s been around since 1962 — they’ve got the social travel thing down to an art. What started out as trips around Europe has blossomed to 350 different tours in 75+ countries. With Contiki as your executive assistant, you can rest assured your trip will go off without a hitch. No subpar hotel rooms, no shady tour companies, no questionable restaurants, no price-hiked taxi cabs.

What’s more, there’s no swiping your credit card infinite times, no dealing with international websites and foreign fees, no hoping for the best. When you travel with Contiki, there’s only knowing that the best is what you’re going to get.