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Japan and Other Countries Warn Citizens About Traveling to the US Due to Mass Shootings

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by Eben Diskin Aug 7, 2019

After two mass shootings this weekend left 31 people dead in the US, Venezuela, Japan, and Uruguay are urging their citizens to reconsider their vacations. In a statement issued by the Venezuelan government, people are advised to stay away from cities that are considered the most violent, including Cleveland, Detroit, and Baltimore. A similar statement was issued by Uruguay, encouraging citizens to take extra precautions while traveling to the US due to its “indiscriminate violence” and “racism and discrimination that cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year.”

Uruguay’s government specifically advises people to avoid places where there are high concentrations of people, like theme parks, malls, festivals, sporting events, mass protests, and religious gatherings, which might be targets for potential shooters.

The warnings out of Latin America come on the heels of the revelation that the El Paso shooting suspect had posted a manifesto admitting that the massacre was racially motivated.

Similarly, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an alert cautioning Japanese citizens to be “aware of potential for gunfire incidents everywhere in the United States,” and goes on to describe the US as a “gun society.”

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