Photo: Expedia

How Every Country in the World Responds to a Sneeze

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by Henry Miller Mar 9, 2018

Sometimes it’s the little things that can be the most insightful when getting to know a new language and culture. I still can’t get over how the Hebrew word for potato literally translates to “Earth apple”, or that the Dutch word for glove is “hand-shoe”. The phrases different cultures use when someone sneezes, as seen in a new comprehensive infographic by Expedia, are equally fascinating. While the sneezer’s health pops up in just about every response worldwide, humanity seems split on whether a sneeze means you have good health or bad health coming your way. The same goes for God; depending on the country you’re in, instead of him blessing you, you may need to ask for forgiveness from him. Kind of high stakes for getting a little dust in your nose.


Photo: Expedia

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