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Get Paid to Eat and Drink Your Way Along the Croatian Coast

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by Elisabeth Sherman Aug 19, 2019

Here’s a question that is guaranteed to get a yes from even the most dedicated homebodies: Do you want to travel around Croatia, drinking wine and eating at restaurants for free? Follow up: Would you also be interested in being paid to do it? No, this is not a too-good-to-be-true practical joke; it is a very real job listing.

Recently, the travel company Croatia Cruise posted a lengthy job description for a “keen food and wine enthusiast” to take part in a seven-day adventure down the coast of Croatia. The Food and Wine cruise takes place in October 2020, and the company needs a “connoisseur” of the finer things in life to taste test the excursion’s offerings and then provide feedback to the company.

There are likely many people out there who’d take the trip for free (after all, you’ll be well fed along the way), but Croatia Cruise is offering a flat fee of £500 (about $600), and, of course, your accommodations onboard will be covered.

The trip follows a pre-planned route, starting out in the “medieval city of Split,” before moving on to “the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik,” where you’ll enjoy guided tours and a chance to experience Krka Waterfalls National Park. After that, you’ll move down the coast, passing through the Dalmatian islands.

Croatia is currently home to 800 wineries, which might tempt any wine lovers looking for a (literal) paid vacation. A wine expert will be on hand aboard the ship to provide “wine lectures” to expand your knowledge. And about that food: The ship itself promises breakfast every morning and decadent four-course lunches, in addition to the restaurants you’ll be stopping at along the way.

Of course, Croatia Cruise isn’t looking for just anybody. You should have just a little bit of wine knowledge already, as they’re looking for someone who “knows their cabernet from their chardonnay.” And picky eaters can forget about it. You should be brave enough to try any dish that’s set in front of you.

No resume needed to apply. Simply fill out the form on the website, along with a short essay explaining why you deserve to travel around Croatia drinking wine for free. We could all use such a splendid vacation, but if you want Cruise Croatia to sponsor you, you better have a better reason than “I’m sick of my office job.”

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