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David Attenborough Says Our Planet Faces ‘Disaster’ in Trailer for New Documentary

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by Eben Diskin Jan 21, 2020

The newest documentary from legendary British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough is coming out soon, and it’s not exactly a feel-good movie. The environmentalist and voice behind “Blue Planet,” “Planet Earth,” and “Seven Worlds, One Planet,” among many others, is urging the world to take action against the climate emergency in his upcoming documentary, “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.”

“The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel,” he says, “yet the way we humans live on Earth is sending it into a decline. Human beings have overrun the world. We’re replacing the wild with the tame.”

In an interview about the film, Attenborough told the BBC, “We have to change, not by appeals to different kinds of optimism but to deliberate, compelling life or death decisions […] We have to realise that this is not playing games […] This is an urgent problem that has to be solved.”

Attenborough isn’t completely cynical, however. He added that he is hopeful for a shift in public opinion that might spur immediate and effective action.

The documentary will premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall on April 16, 2020, but here’s the trailer to tide you over.

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