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Travelers Will Soon Get an In-Air Walk-Up Bar on Certain Regional Delta Flights

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by Matador Creators May 15, 2024

The idea of sauntering up to a bar mid-flight is one that’s largely reserved daydreams about transcontinental travel in premiere cabins aboard elite airlines. Even then, the concept of communal bar and lounge spaces on commercial aircraft has been largely phased out — only a handful of airlines, largely operating Airbus A380s, still offer the in-flight bar experience. Soon, some first-class fliers on select regional Delta flights can have that experience, too.

The Points Guy reports that SkyWest Airlines, a Delta Connection affiliate, is in the process of integrating Bombardier CRJ-550 jets into its fleet. The CRJ-550 is a regional jet with just 50 seats: 10 First Class seats, 20 Comfort+ seats, and 20 Economy seats. But despite its relatively limited seating capacity, the jet is configured to include a couple of cool features, chief among them being a small walk-up bar area that’s available to first-class passengers.

According to The Points Guy writer Zach Griff, the self-service bar area will carry “snacks and soft drinks.” From the sound of it, that means no alcoholic beverages.

Because the CRJ-550 is a modified version of the 76-seater CRJ-700 jet, there’s extra room for luggage, too. The CRJ-500 has three storage closets located between the first-class and economy cabins. That means there’s limited space for larger rolling bags that passengers would otherwise have to check on small regional flights.

It’s yet to be announced where Delta’s new CRJ-550 jets will travel, but you can already see the aircraft in action if you’re a United flier. United Express, the airline’s regional branch, has been operating CRJ-500s on select flight routes since 2019.

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