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Delta Is Grouping Seats so Families Can Easily Sit Together Now

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by Olivia Harden Apr 9, 2022

It’s not uncommon to find the perfect flight for the right price only for there to be no way for you to sit with your family members. This can mean a game of airplane musical chairs before takeoff just so families can stay together. Delta Air Lines is remedying this with a new group seating plan.

Delta has been blocking off rows near the back of the plane to make them only available to passengers flying in groups of three or more, according to The Points Guy. However, the rows are also available for Medallion elite members who only have one or two passengers on the reservation. The carrier has been doing so quietly since 2019 to try and figure out an algorithm for how many rows should be saved depending on the route. A route to a family destination like Orlando may have more seats blocked off than, say, a business trip route between Chicago and Boston.

To see which seats are blocked, head to seat selection for booking. If you look towards the back of the plane and see rows of three that are not available for booking near the back of the aircraft that are blocked off but not occupied, those seats are probably reserved for family or group seating.

Delta is the first airline to try group seating, so who knows? Maybe more airlines will see that the family that buys tickets together should stay together.

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