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Delta Put 460 People on the No-Fly List This Summer for Not Wearing Masks

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by Eben Diskin Oct 28, 2020

No-fly lists now include people who don’t wear masks on planes. Back in April, Delta implemented a mandatory mask policy and has already added 460 people to its no-fly list for refusing to wear masks. In September alone, the airline banned 350 passengers for refusing to follow mask protocols.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a letter to staff, “Wearing a mask is among the simplest and most effective actions we can take to reduce transmission, which is why Delta has long required them for our customers and our people.”

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike around the United States, masks are necessary to prevent the virus’ spread. While research has shown that flying during the pandemic is safer than we think, it becomes significantly less so if people don’t wear masks.

“With the cold-weather months approaching,” Bastian continued, “stopping the spread will be crucial to our recovery from the pandemic and Delta’s return to growth and leadership within our industry.”

The aviation industry is hurting tremendously due to the recent decline in travel demand, but the return of travel, however, correlates directly with the decline of the pandemic, which experts agree will be expedited by diligent mask-wearing. Wearing a mask sure beats finding yourself on a no-fly list.

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