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Delta’s New Virtual Queuing App Feature Will Free You From Waiting at the Gate

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by Eben Diskin Jan 21, 2020

There’s nothing worse than sprinting to your gate, only to realize that your boarding group is a solid 30 minutes away from actually boarding. There’s not quite enough time to return to the bar or go searching for food, so you’re stuck with the impossible task of trying to find a seat at the overcrowded gate and somehow entertain yourself for the next half an hour. Delta is trying to solve this problem, by launching a new feature in its app that shows passengers which groups are boarding in real-time.

Virtual Queueing app feature Delta

Photo: Delta

The Fly Delta app now has a new functionality called “virtual queuing,” which shows which groups are boarding the aircraft. You’ll be able to see which groups have already been called, and which are currently boarding, so you don’t waste precious minutes that could otherwise be spent having a pint at the nondescript Irish pub one concourse away. And when it’s your turn to board, the app will let you know.

Rhonda Crawford, Delta’s vice president of global distribution and digital strategy, said, “We continue to put boarding under the microscope — looking at how technology can help alleviate some of the crowding at the gate that all of us have experienced. Customers have told us that being notified when their seat is boarding will help reduce the stress of that experience.”

Here’s hoping that this innovation will put an end to the maddening and pointless crowding at boarding gates.

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