On May 21, a new spiraling tower will open on the west coast of Denmark in the Wadden Sea National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site has the largest tidal flats system globally, extending along the coasts of Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The architectural feat is called Marsktårn, or Marsh Tower. It will give visitors panoramic views of the park and its surroundings. The Marsh Tower will rise 82 feet above sea level, looking over the flat marshlands of the park — with a view that stretches over to the city of Esbjerg and the beloved island of Rømø.

The unusual structure in the spiral shape of a corkscrew, which gets progressively wider toward the top, is built using organic materials to emphasize the connection with its natural surroundings. In the park, there is a reception, cafe, and ice cream shop.

The Marsh Tower is designed by the well-known Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, which is responsible for many cutting-edge projects around the world. In the fall of this year, the architecture studio will complete a hotel located just up the coast, a 20-minute drive from the tower.

The tower will open its doors on May 21. Visitors can reach the top with an elevator and marvel at the spectacular views.