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Denmark’s New Spiraling Tower Overlooks Stunning UNESCO Wadden Sea World

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Morgane Croissant Apr 16, 2021

Denmark’s highly anticipated Marsh Tower has finally opened on the west coast of Denmark in the Wadden Sea National Park.

Wadden Sea National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. According to UNESCO, the park “is home to numerous plant and animal species, including marine mammals such as the harbour seal, grey seal and harbour porpoise. Wadden Sea is one of the last remaining large-scale, intertidal ecosystems where natural processes continue to function largely undisturbed.”

Marsh Tower, in Denmark

Photo: MarskCamp

The striking steel structure, shaped like a Helix and inspired by a human DNA string is called Marsktårn, or Marsh Tower. It rises 82 feet above the ground and allows those who reach the top to see as far as 11 miles away, “all the way across the island of Rømø to the sea on the other side,” according to Visit Denmark.

Photo: Bo Valentino/Shutterstock

The marsh Tower has two sets of stairs, one for ascending the structure and one for descending, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the views without interruption. There is also an elevator available with access to the top of the tower for people with mobility issues.

Marsh Tower, in Denmark scaled

Photo: MarskCamp

The Marsh Tower is located within Marsk Camp, where you can glamp, dine, and take foraging guided tours.

The Marsh Tower was designed by well-known Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, which is responsible for many cutting-edge projects worldwide, including Copenhagen’s famous Copenhill. In the fall, the architecture studio will complete a hotel located just up the coast, a 20-minute drive from the Marsh Tower.

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