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Only in Denver Can You Do a Brewery Crawl in the Airport

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by Eben Diskin Nov 25, 2019

Airport drinking isn’t usually an activity to plan around. You do it to pass the hours while waiting for your flight, to give yourself a better chance of dozing off in the air, or to keep yourself from getting bored while on the plane itself. In Denver, however, drinking in the airport is about to become a downright pastime. Denver International Airport is introducing a new Beer Passport program to encourage you to sample all the breweries throughout the building, meaning the next time you show up to the airport, leave some extra time for bar-hopping.

It’s pretty simple. Basically, you pick up your Beer Passport at any of the airport’s participating breweries. Upon visiting each brewery, present your passport to the server, who will then give you a stamp. There are four breweries in total, meaning there are four stamps to collect; once you have all four, present your Beer Passport to any participating brewery to receive a pint of free beer.

The breweries participating in the program are Tivoli Brewery inside Tom’s Urban (the only pre-security brewery), Breckenridge Brewery (Concourse A), New Belgium Brewing (Concourse B), and Great Divide Brewing Co. (Concourse C).

Keep in mind, the promotion only runs until April 1, 2020, so don’t wait too long to earn your free pint. And remember, don’t get too distracted by brewery hopping. You probably have a flight to catch.

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