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This Is the Best Women's Hiking Backpack on the Market, and It's $32 Off Right Now

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by Katie Botwin Oct 11, 2022

Investing in outdoor gear is the ultimate balance — you need something that is built to last but won’t break the bank. Add in the variabilities of fit, versatility, weight, and sustainable production, and you get a stressful day of shopping. As someone who has hiked, climbed, and skied around the world, I’ve become picky when it comes to what equipment I’m using.

After all, hiking through Switzerland and skiing in Japan means I’m lugging my belongings on planes, trains, and automobiles. 20+ open internet tabs, stress, and the fear of buyer’s remorse were the only results I yielded when searching for a new daypack. Then, like a rainbow in the storm, I got my hands on the Deuter Trail 28 pack, and my search (and stress) were over. From versatility to comfort, the Deuter Trail 28 SL Women’s Pack is my new go-to for almost every adventure, and I think it’ll be yours too.

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The Fit is Next Level

One of my favorite features of the Trail 28 is that it’s offered in Deuter’s SL (or Slimline) fit. The SL is a women’s specific design with a shorter back length and a narrower shape, meaning that it’s crafted for a smaller frame. Believe it or not, my body shape is not the same as many of my guy counterparts, and the moment I put this pack on showed me the comfort I was missing with unisex options.

When I think of luxury, daypacks do not come to mind. That said, a variety of adjustable straps, incredible back padding, and other features that Deuter has evolved over years of backpack development make me forget I even have the Trail 28 on. Two air contact pads distribute pack load evenly and magically perform a pump effect that ventilates air when you move— it results in 15% less perspiration. The trapezoid-shaped lumbar pad means what you’re carrying is spread evenly, while adjustable load straps and pull-forward construction get your pack to fit perfectly regardless of what you bring on your next adventure.

The Deuter Trail 28 has Features Galore

deuter trail 28 women's pack with gear

Photo: Deuter

Though hiking is the Trail 28 Packs bread-and-butter, the features make this a perfect all-around pack for your gear quiver.

I love the Trail 28 for casual day hiking, but its unique back system (which helps keep pack weight closer to your body resulting in less shifting), helmet loops, various carabiner attachment points, and pole holders make this pack a favorite for more technical hikes and adventures including everything from multi-pitch climbs to via ferratas. For those technical hikes, a few of my other gear favorites include these Superfeet Trailblazer Insoles and this Ortovox Jacket.

If you’re anything like me, you meticulously pack for your adventure, but it quickly becomes a muddled pit of chaos the moment you need a water bottle stuck at the bottom of your pack (classic). Well, lucky for us, the Trail 28 pack comes with a huge front zipper that allows you access to the interior of your pack— which makes digging around from the top a thing of the past.

Additionally, in the name of organization, a side pocket that perfectly fits your Nalgene means you’ll always be hydrated and a hip-belt pocket perfect for sunscreen storage means you won’t have an excuse the next time you get sunburned.

Think the features are over? Not so fast. Another honorable mention of the Deuter Trail 28 Pack is the removable rain cover which makes hitting the trail always a possibility, regardless of rain. A 3.0L compatible hydration pouch as well as an inner compartment for important items like a wallet and keys round out just a few more reasons why this pack is perfect for any adventure.

We mean any adventure, really.

deuter trail 28 with hiking poles

Photo: Deuter

To add yet another use to the mix, the Trail 28 has ideal features for traveling. Though the hydration sleeve is made for a bladder, my laptop fits perfectly and is cushioned by the back padding. The top compartment and side pockets hold everything I need easy access to, and everything else I’ve decided to carry on the plane fits perfectly in the main compartment. The Aircontact pads, which are in a breathable hollow-chamber foam, keep me from sweating while running through the airport to catch my connecting flight (because let’s be honest, it always happens).

Sustainable Production

I love to support brands that utilize methods of sustainable production. In addition to following the bluesign® standard, which is the strictest environmental standard for textile production worldwide, Deuter uses certified down and feathers, and also produces their products without the use of PFC (substances that are harmful to the environment but are often used for their water-repellent properties in the outdoor sector). To go a step further, Deuter promises to repair any Deuter pack free of charge. Fewer packs in the landfill and more on the trails? Yes, please.

If I were writing a high school paper, I’d say “In conclusion, the versatility, comfort, and features are the reason I love the Deuter Trail 28 Pack.” Don’t get me wrong, those are some of the reasons I love this pack. I can’t say in conclusion however, because this pack story hasn’t concluded yet— I find new reasons to love the Deuter 28 every time I hit the trail.

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