Photo: D'strict

This Massive Digital Wave in Seoul Is a Mind-Blowing, Immersive Illusion

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by Eben Diskin May 18, 2020

Billboard ads have become a ubiquitous part of our cities and highways, but rarely do they show anything worth looking up for. In Seoul, the largest advertising screen in South Korea isn’t exactly a canvas for cheesy accident lawyer ads. D’strict, a digital media tech company, is using the screen to display a massive computer-simulated ocean wave, as part of the Public Media Series.

The billboard is located in Seoul’s COEX Square — the location of a convention and exhibition center that also serves as a giant mall. The wave itself is designed to look like a rough ocean storm trying to break out of the screen containing it. It utilizes anamorphic illusion methods to create the effect, as well as a collection of smart LED displays that work together to form a single unified image. The display also has audio, making the illusion of a massive urban wave even more immersive.

The screen itself is 262 feet long and 65 feet high, with a whopping 17,430 square feet of screen space, often drawing comparisons to New York City’s Times Square, which is similarly known for its huge, flashing billboards.

D’strict is also responsible for several similar projects, including an interactive visual experience at Cafe.Bot and a 3D installation at the Lotte World Magic Circle.

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