New Paris Hotel With a Bar in the Chapel and Eiffel Tower Views Was Once the Queen's Cottage

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by Matador Creators Mar 26, 2024

Staying in hotels that formerly housed royalty is an increasingly popular attraction worldwide. Travelers to Paris can now stay at the former resilience of Marguerite of Valois, La Reine Margot. The Domaine de la Reine Margot Paris Issy MGallery Collection just opened as the city’s newest 5-star hotel, and one with quite an impressive backstory.

Queen Margot navigated a treacherous path as a French princess during the bloody religious conflicts of the 16th Century. Married to King Henry of Navarre in a political attempt to unite Catholics and Protestants, she found herself trapped between her powerful mother, Catherine de Medici, and the escalating violence. Despite the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre’s horrors, she possibly offered sanctuary to some Huguenots. Though Queen of Navarre and later France through Henry’s ascension, their marriage remained strained. La Reine Margot’s life embodied the complexities of the era, forever marked by political machinations, religious strife, and a fight to carve her own space within the rigid confines of royalty.

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When did Queen Margot live at the Domaine de la Reine Margot Paris Issy?

Queen Margot moved into the residence in question in 1606. 418 years later, the property will open its doors as the Domaine Reine Margot Paris Issy – MGallery Collection, a boutique luxury hotel in the heart of Paris, views of the Eiffel Tower included.

The hotel will offer 83 rooms and suites. The lobby features a library stocked with historical French works both fiction and non, and the outdoor garden features more than 64,000 square feet of flora and grassy expanse. Le Refuge de Margo is the hotel’s wellness center, which features Anne Semonin beauty products and massage treatments from a professional masseuse.


Chef Jean-Philippe Perol operates Marguerite 1606, a plant-based restaurant onsite. The restaurant features vegetarian takes on French classics and original ideas, including a popular Sunday brunch inside a historic glass-roofed dining room. In true Euro fashion, the Marguerite bar bagins the afternoon with teas and juices before moving into spiked libations in time for sundowners, though visitors should also stop by the rum bar located in a converted chapel. There’s no better place in Paris to raise a toast to the tides of history.

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