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Scientific Study Proves That Drinking Vodka Red Bulls Leads to Fights

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by Eben Diskin Aug 17, 2018

The fact that alcohol increases your risk of getting into a fight isn’t exactly a revelation, but now there’s scientific proof to back it up. A study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research looked at the popular Vodka Red Bull drink, and found that it significantly increased your risk of engaging in violent behaviors.

The University of Portsmouth’s Dr. Matt Parker, collaborating with researchers from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil, conducted the study to discover how the combination of alcohol and taurine — the key ingredient found in Red Bull and other energy drinks — affected the the behavior of a group of zebrafish. They divided the fish into separate groups, then exposed each group to various combinations of water, alcohol, and taurine, then documented their behavior.

Fish who were given both alcohol and taurine acted more recklessly and socialized less than the others. While in small doses alcohol can cause euphoria, in higher doses the researchers claim it can result in fighting or other violent behavior. So next time you order a Vodka Red Bull, just remember the zebrafish.


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