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Dubai International Airport Will Feature Monthly DJ Performances

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by Eben Diskin May 21, 2019

“Airport” and “rave” aren’t exactly two terms that go hand-in-hand, but that’s about to change courtesy of Dubai International Airport (DXB). If you find yourself getting frustrated as you trek through the airport to your gate, sleepy as you stand in line at security, or easily irritated in the crowds of other travelers, this new resident DJ program might just lift your spirits.

As part of the airport’s #musicDXB program, DXB has partnered with DJ duo Hollaphonic to set up a monthly concert for air travelers. The program kicked off this past March with a St. Patrick’s Day bash in Concourse D.

DJs will perform on different stages throughout the airport, choosing performance locations depending on which area is busiest at the time. And of course, the whole experience is free. This may be good news for those who want to enjoy some thumping house music before a flight, but not so great news for travelers looking for a nap or a little peace and quiet.

Olly Wood, co-founder, executive producer, and half of the DJ duo, told Time Out Dubai, “The team at DXB have really cool visions about how far this can go — whatever idea someone thinks is the best, craziest and most unthinkable: that’s what we’re aiming for. This is the first considered music campaign that any airport in the world has done.”

To keep the music fresh, the plan is to have a rotation of acts in the airport, creating a unique platform for emerging acts all around the world.

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