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Where to Eat and Drink at Hong Kong International Airport

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by Nickolaus Hines Mar 22, 2019

The hardest part about deciding where to eat in the Hong Kong International Airport is choosing whether you want to get your food before going through security or after. Whichever you choose, there are outposts of Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury chains, and quality grab-and-go options. There are also plenty of fast food chains, but it’s too easy to avoid those and get one last taste of Hong Kong cuisine (as well as award-winning food from around China and Japan) before taking off.

These are the best places to eat at the Hong Kong International Airport, whether you’re in the non-restricted, pre-security area or already through and on your way to your gate. Quick note: Be sure to eat before security if you’re departing from Terminal 2.

Pre-security Terminal 1

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao: Specializing in Sichuan and Shanghainese dishes like xiao long baos (soup dumplings), hand-pulled noodles, and hot and sour soup. It’s sit-down, but the food comes out delicious and fast if you’re in a rush.

Maxim’s Jade Garden: Cantonese restaurant with local Guangdong food with options like dim sum, roasted goose, and crispy pork. Where to go when you want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the normal airport environment for a solid meal.

Ho Hung Kee: Started in 1946 as a street stall wonton shop in Hong Kong. It’s now included in the Michelin guide. Get the dim sum and noodles.

Tonkotsu 8: An outlet that’s part of the Japanese Mitsui-Mirada Noodles Factory. The ramen is the obvious draw, but there’s also dumplings and fried rice.

Post-security Terminal 1

Putien: The food here is like what you’ll find in Fujian Province, and the name comes from a coastal town. Putien started as a street stall in 2000 and has expanded into a 50-plus chain without losing the qualities that made it so appealing in the first place. One of the original outposts has been featured in Singapore’s Michelin Guide from 2016 on.

Beef & Liberty: Burger spot with both gourmet options and options that’ll satisfy your need for a simple, down-home burger. It’s also one of the better bars in the airport, serving beer and cocktails.

Caviar House & Prunier: There are plenty of times when grab-and-go is best at the airports, but sometimes you arrive early or get stuck thanks to an extremely delayed flight. It’s times like the latter when you might feel the need for some luxury. Caviar House is a chain that sources its food from Bordeaux and Switzerland.

Baikohken: A quick takeaway ramen shop. The original opened in 1969 and won a best-ramen award. You don’t have to stick to just ramen (although no one would blame you if you did) as there are other options like fried chicken and dumplings.

Pre-security Terminal 2

Hung’s Delicacies: The original got a Michelin star three years in a row. Goose, duck, and noodles are the go-to options here.

Sorabol Korean Cuisine: A restaurant that puts quite a fair amount of care into its sourcing and ingredients. Seafood and vegetables are shipped in from Korea weekly, and the barbecue is always a solid option.

TamJai SamGor: Food options from Yunan Province like mixian (rice noodle broth), pork belly, and fried chicken.

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