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Your Family Can Get Paid $1,500 Just to Sleep in a Tent in Your Favorite Campground

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by Jori Ayers Aug 5, 2021

Sleep Junkie is on a mission to improve your sleep. And it will pay you to do it.

The one-stop source for advice on sleeping and the items you need to do it seeks to answer the pressing question of, “How do I get the best night’s sleep?’” And now it’s added a twist by asking, “How does sleeping outside impact people?”

The sleep-obsessed folks at Sleep Junkie are seeking a family of four to help find out. They’ll invite that family on an all-expenses-paid trip to be “sleep testers” for their study on how sleeping outside affects different people physically and mentally, as well as on the quality of sleep they can get while outside.

The family of four chosen will get to stay at any campsite of their choice. There, they’ll spend three nights outdoors enjoying the amenities provided at the site. During the stay, the family is required to compile a report of the family sleeping experience.

This report will focus on temperature, sounds of the wild, humidity levels, what sleeping facilities they brought, and how sleep aids enhanced their sleep.

The study is open globally to anyone who meets the criteria. To be considered, adults must at least be 21 years of age, speak fluent English, and have access to camping gear. For the study to be authentic as possible, Sleep Junkie is not looking for camping experts.

Submit an application on Sleep Junkie’s website by August 14, including headshots and a 60-second video talking about why they would be a great fit for this position. Sleep Junkies plans to choose a family by August 15 and take them on their family camping trip in September.

If you’re chosen, you won’t just get a free, three-day camping trip out of it, along with plenty of great memories. You’ll also receive $1500 at the end of your family camping trip just for participating in the study. How will you all spend it?

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