Flight of the Gibbon: Thailand's Awesome Zipline Canopy Tour

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by Ashley Welton Oct 27, 2017

Flight of the Gibbon is Thailand’s original zipline canopy tour. Located in Chiang Mai, and founded in 2007, the tour sends clients soaring through the Gibbon’s (that’s a type of ape) natural habitat. Gibbons are much smaller than the rest of their great ape cousins like chimps, gorillas, and orangutans but, like all apes, their primary mode of transportation is swinging from branch to branch. Flight of the Gibbon zipline is as close as you’ll get to experiencing their canopy living firsthand.

The canopy tours cater to all ages and everyone can participate — no skills necessary. It’s the only course in Thailand with wild Gibbons; they have a family of residents free and frolicking through the forest.

What’s really cool about the Flight of the Gibbon tours is they actively participate in ecotourism and conservation. With proceeds from their tours, they’ve been able to establish a number of conservation programs. They employ a team of conservation experts and have been able to re-introduce Gibbons into the forest and are in the process of reintroducing Hornbills (a type of bird), too. Every tour also includes an educational aspect which teaches about the Gibbons and their habitat.

How to get there

Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand — about 700km north of Bangkok. You can fly from Bangkok or take an overnight train. Flight of the Gibbon tours include transportation to and from your accommodation in Chiang Mai.

What to consider

  • The zipline operators are called Sky Rangers, and they’re very professional and capable.
  • The tour is a combination of ziplines, sky bridges, rappelling, and forest walks.
  • It’s located in the eco-mountain village of Mae Kampong.
  • Your tour includes transportation each way from Chiang Mai and a 2.5-hour tour in the park.
  • Lunch is included.
  • There are a couple restrictions: Any little ones must be at least 1m (3 feet 3 inches) tall. The maximum weight limit is 125kg (275 lbs).
  • They offer four tours per day.
  • The staff is very friendly and safety-conscious.
  • The lunch provided is delicious (what some call ‘gentle Thai’, not too spicy).
  • The adventure costs about $120 per person.

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