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Fly to Australia’s Northern Territory for Free This Summer

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by Ali Wunderman Jun 1, 2018

If there’s one thing better than traveling abroad, it’s doing so for free, and, this summer, Australia’s Northern Territory is making that dream come true for visitors from the US by footing the bill to fly you to the beautiful Top End.

As is the case with most places, tourists tend to stick to the major cities, missing out on more wild and unique experiences. Plenty have the intention to take their explorations farther, but find upon arrival that Australia is massive and so don’t end up going as far as they had hoped.

But this summer it’s easier than ever to take that trip into the Outback, whether you’re wanting to witness 65,000 years of human history via Indigenous rock art, or trying to materialize your inner Crocodile Dundee.

Travelers booking vacation packages with flights from the US to Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane from now until July 31st (for trips before December 31st of this year), will receive a complimentary one-way ticket to major destinations in the Northern Territory including famous Outback town Alice Springs, UNESCO World Heritage site Uluru, and the coastal capital city of Darwin.

The most straightforward way to claim your free ticket is to book your Australia trip with Qantas Vacations, but wholesalers like AboutAustralia, AspireDownUnder, Down Under Answers, and several others offer vacation packages that include the free ticket (which will be on Qantas) while taking all of the planning off your hands.

The Northern Territory is an exceptionally special place, and the list of reasons to visit is endless: the national parks are vast and plentiful, the natural beauty beguiling and diverse, there are crocodiles bigger than any others on the planet, and it’s the optimal place to learn about and experience Aboriginal Australian culture. Plus there is Uluru, a place of extreme spiritual significance that no visitor can deny.

With all of this in mind, what the Northern Territory uniquely offers is the ability to truly explore in a way that is getting harder to do in our ever-accessible world. The chance for something new is around every corner, and you won’t know what it is until you get there. It’s said that, “you haven’t been Downunder until you’ve been Outback,” and with free airfare, the time to see if that’s true is now.

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