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Get Inside Georgia O’Keeffe Paintings in This Immersive Las Vegas Exhibition

Art + Architecture News Las Vegas, NV, United States
Photo: AREA15
Olivia Harden
Sep 12, 2022

From Van Gogh to Frida Khalo, immersive exhibits showcasing acclaimed painters’ art have become extremely popular in recent years. Walking into a room surrounded by art from some of the greats, complete with light shows and special sound effects, is an incredible way to experience the pieces you know and love in a completely new way. There’s a new exhibit that’s made its way to Las Vegas’ AREA15: Georgia O’Keeffe, the Mother of American Modernism, is the latest artist to get an immersive exhibition 35 years after her death in the exhibit “O’KEEFFE: One Hundred Flowers.”

Best known for her paintings of flowers and landscapes of the American West, O’Keeffe’s work will be displayed using 360-degree projection mapping technology. O’Keeffe’s paintings are turned into a virtual garden that celebrates some of her best pieces. AREA15 is best known as an immersive playground that uses visual effects, objects, music, and narration to transport you elsewhere. The exhibit is paired with the anthems of performers like Nina Simone, Cyndi Lauper, and Andra Day.

Cocktails inspired by O’Keeffe’s flora and fauna will be available for purchase, including the Flower Drop (a play on a lemon drop), the Desert Flower (similar to a margarita), and the Sky Above Clouds (a Midori Martini). As a thank-you gift, guests will also receive a package of wildflower seeds to plant.

“Following the enormous success of ‘Van Gogh’ and ‘Klimt,’ we are thrilled to launch AREA15’s newest immersive art experience inside The Portal,” said Winston Fisher, chief executive officer of AREA15, in a press release. “As a top destination for immersive art and entertainment, AREA15 is a must-see attraction for art enthusiasts visiting Las Vegas.”

Tickets are available now for $30 with $23 discounted tickets for children, seniors, Nevada residents, and the military. The exhibition closes in February 2023.

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