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Germany Welcomes Vaccinated International Travelers

Germany News
by Olivia Harden May 13, 2021

As summer approaches, many European countries are reopening their borders and relaxing their rules and regulations regarding COVID-19 testing for vaccinated travelers.

Germany is the latest country to ease restrictions, announcing that it will allow vaccinated travelers and those recently recovered from COVID-19 to avoid testing and quarantine. The government also approved a policy allowing non-vaccinated travelers to end their quarantine period early if they test negative for COVID-19. These new regulations, however, will not apply to those from countries where there are concerns about variants.

The changes in regulations aim to give the hospitality and tourism industries a vital boost and specifically make family travel easier. As many children are not eligible for vaccines at this time, these measures will give many in Germany the opportunity to plan family vacations.

According to Associated Press, German Health Minister Jens Spahn stated that the country also expects to have its digital immunity certificate functional by June. The certificate, which will be stored in a mobile app, will be compatible with the vaccine certificate scheme that the EU is currently developing.

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