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Glamping on Mount Everest Is a Thing Now, so You Don’t Even Have to Hike

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by Tim Wenger Mar 29, 2018

It’s been said that everything, and everyone, has a price. Quite often, especially surrounding viral experiences and beacons of triumphant self-worth, someone is willing to sign the ledger, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. No further proof will ever be needed than this: you can now glamp your way up Mount Everest.

Thanks to Russian guide Alex Abramov and his company 7 Summits Co, those with the dough can trade roughing it for relaxing on the Tibetan side of the world’s tallest peak. Why? Because goddammit, the most cosmopolitan of trekkers should be able to stand on the summit of summits too. Clearly, the rewarding feeling you get from putting in the effort to actually hike up Everest is overrated.

Those upset about this recent development must remember this: pay-to-play summit excursions are nothing new. Westerners have been paying sherpas to schlep their bags up the sides of mountains for decades, and providing earfuls of smack when there aren’t cots and momos ready and waiting at the teahouse at the end of the day.

Now, according to the blog of mountaineer Alan Arnette, those on the journey won’t even have to wait to post the photos on Instagram. Or actually walk to reach base camp, for that matter, Abramov’s excursion includes furnished glamping, complete with internet and actual outfitted beds. And here’s the kicker — hikers are shuttled, in an actual vehicle with a driver, bags tucked comfortably and orderly in tow, to this exquisitely furnished basecamp. To top it off, Abramov provides oxygen to ease the night’s sleep (12 bottles of it, actually).

The price tag for the excursion is hefty, clocking in at $79,900. But hey, the cost includes two sherpas, the bottles of oxygen, the glamping, and even a place to charge your cell phone. The end result is a much higher chance of visitors reaching the summit.

Let’s just hope they don’t forget to leave a 5-star review after the experience is all said and done.

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