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Google Flights Will Refund You Up to $500 if the Price Lowers After Booking

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by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 8, 2024

Flights are unquestionably more expensive than usual right now. This is due to the substantial demand for travel following the pandemic and the consequent rise in operating costs. With fewer seats available to meet the high demand, prices have skyrocketed. So, finding a good deal on a flight is more important than ever, but what happens if the price plummets after you book? If, like me, you study price charts on Google Flights but then book directly with the airline, you might be making a mistake.

In April 2023, Google Flights introduced a “price guarantee” policy that many people are unaware of. The booking system can refund passengers the difference in price if the cost of the flight drops after the ticket is purchased.

Google Flights offers this for select flights departing from the US. These flights are specifically marked with a “price guarantee” badge. Once you book one of these fares, Google Flights will keep track of its price until your departure date. If the price goes down, you will be refunded the difference between what you paid and the new lower price. The amount will be credited directly to your Google Pay account.

There are a few things to keep in mind. First, you won’t get money back for small price changes — the difference needs to be more than $5. Second, there is a cap of $500 total that you can receive back in a year, and the funds can be spent on other “price guarantee” flights (maximum of three flights). Finally, you will need to have Google Pay to claim your refund.

Google says customers must look out for the “colorful badge” on flights departing from airports in the US. Customers must be signed in with the country or region as the US with prices in dollars.

While not every flight is covered, the “price guarantee” program can give you peace of mind knowing you got a good deal on your plane ticket or get some money back if the price unexpectedly drops.

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