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You Can Now Search Hotels With EV Chargers and Local Charging Stations On Google Maps

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by Tim Wenger Apr 18, 2024

EV drivers can now take advantage of new features from Google Maps and Google Search. The most notable is EV charger locations searchable on Google Maps. Additionally, users can now search for hotels with EV chargers on Google Maps.

EV charging locations listed on Google Maps also now include information about the charging stations. Users can see the number of chargers available as well as the kW of each charger. Google Maps also lists the brand of charging station. This is helpful because many EV drivers are members of one program or another, such as ChargePoint or Electrify America, and therefore prefer to charge with that company to take advantage of lower rates for members.

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One primary benefit of this is that it allows users to not only located the specific charging company they wish to charge with, but route directions directly to that charging station including distance and travel time to get there. Not displayed, however, is how many of those chargers are occupied or out of order. Drivers will still need to reference mobile apps or other sources for this information.

google maps electrify america listing

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For users of Google Search, running a search for hotels in a specific location with EV chargers now returns those hotels displayed at the top of the page. This precedes other results from other websites that may include hotel websites and sites from media companies and others reporting on hotels with EV chargers in that location.

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