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A Hard Seltzer Festival Is Touring the US This Spring

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by Elisabeth Sherman Feb 13, 2020

Whether you embraced it or not, hard seltzer was undeniably the alcoholic beverage of 2019. At first, it seemed like it might just be a passing fad, but it turns out people love the easy-drinking fruit flavors and fun-loving, casual attitude of these carbonated beverages. Not as heavy as beer or as uptight as wine, hard seltzer found its niche among millennial drinkers. And it looks like it’s here to stay. Seltzer Land, a festival celebrating fizzy, canned alcohol, is set to begin touring the United States this spring.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Seltzer Land, organized by Cannonball Productions, the group that puts on other niche food festivals like Beer and Bacon Classic, will offer more than 100 brands of hard seltzer, including Four Loko, Natural Light, and Bon Viv, to attendees who want to more out of life than just White Claw (but White Claw will be there too, of course). Tickets range from $29 to $49, and on top of sampling the finest hard seltzers, guests will also be able to enjoy snacks and live music. So far, the festival is set to visit Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, and Seattle, but Seltzer Land confirmed to Food & Wine that stops are also planned for Denver, Austin, and Boston.

With innumerable beer and wine festivals around the country, it seems as though Seltzer Land is a bid to get a beverage, which some people might dismiss as low brow, to be taken seriously. Since its dramatic entrance onto the alcoholic beverage scene, it has been considered the wild, outgoing cousin of beer and wine (and she’s kind of a lush, too). This might be a chance for hard seltzer to clean up her image and become the well-respected drink of choice for people who like to party. But if Seltzer Land ends up being the rowdy shindig I suspect it might become, all the better. The appeal of hard seltzer, after all, is that you know the party is about to get crazy when you hear the crack of the can.

Tickets for Seltzer Land go on sale today on the official website.

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