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Hawaii Is Giving Free Trips to Stressed-Out Workers to Work From Their Beaches

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by Tim Wenger May 1, 2018

Summer is fast approaching. If you’re burned out and need a break from the office to catch some rays but can’t afford to take any time off work, Hawaii Tourism United States has a grand idea to solve both problems: pack up your laptop and come spend a week on the islands on their dime.

The tourism board is offering six residency spots for people in the writing, music, art, photography, tech, and business industries to work on their best ideas in the island paradise. The six winners will work in different locations throughout Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the Big Island.

Everything from your flights to your workspace to lodging designed to optimize your workflow is on the house; the only catch is that you actually have to work while you’re there, and you have to be from New York — though if you’re stressed out from working, chances are you probably already live in the city.

Each residency is curated to the industries; the chosen entrepreneur will head to Lanai and study the leadership style of King Kamehameha, tucking in at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai each night. The creative type will stay on Oahu and chill with the artists of Honolulu. The writer of the bunch will head to Molokai and hone their narrative chops with local storytellers. A developer will head to Maui, and a photographer will tour and snap the island of Kauai. The offering for a musician is perhaps the most lucrative — he or she will spend the week recording in a secluded studio on the Big Island.

If interested, you must apply here by June 4. The weeklong residency takes place in September, giving you the summer to lay out your action plan, should you be among the chosen six, and let your boss know you’ll be working from “home” for a few days.

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