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Days Inn Will Pay You to Road Trip Around the US Taking Pictures This Summer

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by Tim Wenger Apr 30, 2018

It’s time to polish up that resume and get your portfolio in order because there is no shortage of paid opportunities to hit the road this summer. This one’s for the photographers, particularly those with a penchant for taking photos of people soaking up the sun, and the ability to capture a sign at just the right angle. You’ll be taking pictures of one, in particular — the Days Inn sign that sits in front of each of its hotels.

Days Inn, the hotel chain with nearly 2,000 locations around the world, is sending one skilled photog on a month-long journey to document the hotels’ access to sun-filled activities.

Days Inn sign

Photo: Courtesy of Days Inn

The official title of the position is, appropriately, “Suntern.” The itinerary for the trip is built to allow the Suntern to have plenty of time to soak up the rays themself. Days Inn will make arrangements for you to do a number of outdoor activities in cities along the way, including a sunrise yoga session in San Diego and a sunset sail off the coast of Miami.

You’ll traverse the country by plane snapping photos for the company’s website and social media channels, and will even have the best shots framed for display inside select hotels themselves. Not a bad way to boost your Instagram credibility, or your checking account: the cross-country voyage lasts for one month and pays $10,000.

Plus, the gig could serve as a serious resume booster. You’ll walk away with a recommendation letter from Wyndham Hotels and will have Diamond Status in their rewards program for the next five years, in case you feel the trip must go on. Interested? Get your application, including your best outdoors photo and a 100-word essay about why you’re the perfect candidate, in by May 20.

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