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An Iguana Pulled Off the Best Photobomb Ever

Puerto Rico Wildlife News
by Eben Diskin Aug 29, 2018

Tammy Ricks, a seasoned traveler, was visiting Puerto Rico, and was posing in front of El Morro, a 16th-century fort in San Juan, when an iguana photobombed her. As she was getting ready to have her picture taken by her best friend Connecticut, the iguana sneakily crept up from the side of the wall, waited for the opportune moment, and then jumped right in front of Tammy in an epic leap.

“I had no idea iguanas could jump like that,” Tammy told Lonely Planet, remarking that the iguana’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. “We were laughing because it was so funny, the iguana was the star of the photo at that point.” A good sport about the iguana stealing her limelight, Tammy decided to share the picture on Instagram, though she probably didn’t expect the photo would go viral overnight.

She certainly embraces her newfound claim to fame, dubbing herself “viral iguana photobomb originator” in her Instagram bio. “I’m still in disbelief,” she said of the photo’s popularity, adding that if nothing else, she hopes the photo will encourage people to travel to Puerto Rico.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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