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This Immersive Art Exhibit Is a Beautiful Call for Environmental Action

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by Eben Diskin Sep 13, 2019

“Arcadia Earth” is an exhibit for the Instagram generation — it’s colorful, immersive, and just playful enough for phone-clad millennials to throw themselves at it. But it would be unfair to say that the exhibit is nothing but a pretty background for selfies.

The exhibit is, first and foremost, a show with a purpose: opening visitors’ eyes to the state of our planet through immersive art installations and giving them tips on how to reduce their impact.

And there’s truly nothing like walking into a coral-like tunnel made of 44,000 discarded plastic bags (the number used in New York City every minute) to make you think about our responsibility in the whole mess that is our planet currently.

With 18 interactive rooms designed by Valentino Vettori, the exhibit highlights the biggest ecological issues of our time via physical art (all made of upcycled, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable materials), as well as augmented reality, virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive environment. You can use your iPad to visualize sea creatures in a recreated underwater world; put yourself in the flippers of a diver by donning VR glasses; or think about all of the plastic polluting our oceans by walking among the trash-made jellyfish dangling from the ceiling.

Signs throughout the exhibit provide information to visitors (like the number of plastic bags used in NYC every minute) and tips on how to help (for the love of God, say no to plastic bags).

There are also panels and talks scheduled, designed to motivate people by sharing strategies to create a healthier world, such as eating less meat, wasting less food, and reducing single-use plastic.

Tickets for the museum are available online. The museum, located at 718 Broadway in New York City, will remain open until January 2020, and a tree will be planted for every ticket sold.

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