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Jelly Belly Founder Is Giving Away a Candy Factory in a Wonka-Like ‘Golden Ticket’ Treasure Hunt

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by Alex Bresler Sep 8, 2020

Fans of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are in for a sweet treat: Jelly Belly founder David Klein recently announced the launch of a golden-ticket-like contest that will see one lucky winner claim the keys to their very own Jelly Belly factory.

The “golden tickets,” or dog tags in Klein’s case, are currently being hidden across the United States. Upon entering the contest, treasure hunters will be given a riddle hinting at the location of the necklace that’s been stashed in their state. After verifying their find, winners will receive a $5,000 prize and be eligible to join the Ultimate Treasure Hunt in which a “Candyman Kitchen” in Florida is up for grabs, according to a Northern California ABC affiliate.

“The world needs this right now,” says Klein, who founded Jelly Belly in 1976 but no longer owns the candy bean company. “We have received thousands of comments from people who say this has come at such a perfect time.”

To join the hunt, participants must pay $49.98 and have a Facebook account. Each treasure hunt is limited to 1,000 participants. For more information on the Wonka-inspired giveaway, check out the official contest rules, follow the Jelly Belly Facebook page, and subscribe to the candy company’s newsletter for updates on the time and place of the upcoming hunts.

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