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JetBlue to Become the First Carbon Neutral Airline in the US

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by Eben Diskin Jan 13, 2020

JetBlue is already a passenger favorite, but it’s about to earn even more brownie points by being the first US airline to go completely carbon neutral. In July, JetBlue plans to purchase carbon offsets for all of its domestic flights, as well as use sustainable aviation fuel for all flights departing from San Francisco International Airport. This fuel is made from waste and residue raw materials, and has a carbon footprint 80 percent smaller than fossil jet fuel.

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes said in a press release, “Air travel connects people and cultures, and supports a global economy, yet we must act to limit this critical industry’s contributions to climate change. We reduce where we can and offset where we can’t. By offsetting all of our domestic flying, we’re preparing our business for the lower-carbon economy that aviation — and all sectors — must plan for.”

JetBlue is also planning to support environmental projects like forest conservation, the reuse of methane gas emitted from landfills, and solar and wind farms.

JetBlue is following the example of budget European airline EasyJet, which announced in November that it would be the first airline in the world to offset its emissions.

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