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JetBlue Will Deliver Authentic New York Pizza to You in LA on the Same Day You Order It

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by Tim Wenger May 4, 2018

When you’re stuck on the West coast and craving a big, thin slice of cheesy epicness, your options can be quite limited. Up until recently, your only solutions were to either fly across the country to satisfy your craving or stop by a local shop and settle for what’s likely nothing more than an imitation. New York airline JetBlue is about to revolutionize the situation with their new “Pie in the Sky” promotion.

The airline has partnered with the legendary Patsy’s Pizzeria of East Harlem, one of the city’s long-standing classics of the pizzeria circuit, to fly New York pizza to California and deliver it to customers on the same day they order it. Patsy’s is famous for its super thin crust, coal oven-fired pizza, and you can choose between plain cheese and pepperoni.

Customers place their orders on JetBlue’s website beginning each day at 12:00 AM. A set number of pies can be delivered each day, and orders will stop being taken once the limit is reached. The talented pizza chefs at Patsy’s prep the pies in their restaurant kitchen. They then pack the pizzas for flight and hand them off to JetBlue to fly across the country. Once in Los Angeles, the pies are heated and delivered right to your home.

You can track your order on the website. If you order right at midnight the night before, you might be eating New York pizza for dinner the following evening. Delivery costs have yet to be released, but one thing’s for sure: when you have the itch that only real New York pizza can scratch, there’s no price too high.

If you’ve never been to New York and feel insecure about your pizza handling skills, check out this handy video from JetBlue starring Spike Lee, where he walks you through the basics of stuffing your face with the world’s best pie, the most cardinal rule being: put the knife and fork away and learn how to fold.

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