Chart: Metrocosm

The Confusing Lands of the British Crown Explained in One Chart

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by Morgane Croissant Jun 29, 2017

IT’S EASY to get puzzled about the differences between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, The Commonwealth, the British Isles, the Channel Islands, the British Overseas Territories, etc. The good guys at Foil Arms and Hog have summed up that confusion in the hilarious video below, so have a watch and a laugh before we attempt to understand everything about the lands of the British Crown.

Max Galka from Metrocosm created the chart below to untangle what he calls “The absurdly confusing lands of the British Crown”.

Untangling the lands of the British Crown in one simple chart

Chart: Metrocosm

To add to the stew, note that “Britain” is a synonym for the UK. Now, you know everything.

Still confused? Check out Max Galka’s detailed explanations here.

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