Mapped: EU Population That Is Foreign-Born

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Morgane Croissant
Jun 28, 2017

USING DATA from the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social affairs that monitors global population trends, Max Galka, the man behind Metrocosm, created a map of to show the percentage of each EU country’s population that is foreign-born.

Luxembourg is the EU country who has the highest percentage of residents who were born abroad (44%), followed by Cyprus (22%), and Sweden and Austria (17%).

According to Galka, “Overall, 11% of the people living the EU were born somewhere other than the country where they currently reside. Of those, about 60% were born outside the EU and 40% come from a different country within the EU.”

Galka created another map with the same topic showing absolute numbers instead of percentages.

Here, Germany, with 12 million foreign-born residents, leads the way, followed by the UK (8.5 million), and France (7.8 million).

Are you a citizen of the European Union? Where were you born and where do you live now? Let us know by leaving a comment.

For more about Galka’s map, check out his website here.

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