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11 Latina Travelers You Need to Be Following on Instagram

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by Katie Scott Aiton Sep 30, 2020

The Hispanic and Latinx population makes up the largest minority group in the US. With a reported spending of $56 billion per year on leisure travel by the demographic worldwide, you would not be wrong to question why there is not a larger representation of Latinx travelers in the industry and travel narrative at large. The lack of relatable marketing is striking — but in the social realm, Latinx travel bloggers and influencers are crushing it. From money-saving ideas to tips on solo female travel, these Latina travel influencers showcase inspire us all not only to up our social media game but also travel bravely and be ourselves.

1. Cynthia Corona, @cyncynti

Cynthia Corona was born in Mexico and now resides in Shanghai, China. Working as a freelance graphic designer, she has been able to bring together her two interests: travel and visual art. Corona uses color blocking beautifully in both her Instagram and blog, curating a stunning collection of inspirational photos and stories to match.

2. Perla Giselle, @iamperlita

Living and working in California, Perla Giselle manages to balance a busy life with a baby and travel. Her sites are a super resource for those traveling while pregnant and with children. Her judgment-free approach encourages her followers to share, fostering a supportive community as well as a visually appealing Instagram feed.

3. Diana Janisbel, @diana.janisbel

Diana Janisbel was born in Puerto Rico and spent summers growing up in the Dominican Republic where her parents are from. Janisbel has a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management and now travels the world — outside her own adventures — as a flight attendant. Her blog has many relatable up-to-date posts covering topics such as safe travel during COVID-19 and of her experience working in the aviation industry.

4. Glori Villanueva, @alistandoequipaje

Glori Villanueva states, “Life is too short to spend time in one place.” Villanueva lives in Mexico City, and her blog and social sites offer trip-planning information on the entire country along with a truckload of inspiration. While most of her work shows off her expertise on the local travel scene in Mexico, she also touches on some international tips and travel experiences too. Clearly talented as a videographer and photographer, Villanueva makes visual content that is enjoyable and fun.

5. Olivia Christine, @ochristine

Born in NYC, Olvia Christine creates travel-inspired wellness content. Drawing on the life experience of living with lupus, she inspires those not only with a chronic illness but also anyone who wants to live a higher standard of life and achieve a good work-life balance. She has been traveling full time for the past five years, offering advice on the 35-plus countries she has visited and tips on wellness and other cultural travel experience from the perspective of a Black Latina.

6. Karla Tomaselli, @karlatomaselli

Karla Tomaselli’s blog and Instagram are beautifully put together. It’s quite evident that she’s a pro in digital marketing as her style and work are impeccably well-curated. Although she is not a full-time traveler, she has covered 56 countries and offers not only stunning inspirational photography but also money-saving and budget travel advice. Her blog also has tips about how to build your Instagram and edit photos like a pro influencer.

7. Ashley, @thevirtualpassport

Native Texan Ashley of Virtual Passport took her first solo trip at the age of 18 and has since traveled to 65 countries — close to half of these as a solo traveler. Her blog and Instagram are both great resources for solo female travel advice. Ashley aims to support her community; she shares on her blog, “My hope is to inspire other women of color to get out there and explore — whether that’s in their own city or around the world!”

8. Ana Wildgust, @chasingwildgusts

Ana Wildgust’s work is inspired by the outdoors and nature. Born in Brazil, Wildgust now resides in Florida. A lot of her content on the blog focuses on outdoor adventures around her hometown of Orlando, and she is somewhat of an expert in Scuba in the region. She has also covered quite a bit of Central America.

9. Taima, @poorinaprivateplane

Taima’s tagline is “travel luxuriously for less,” and her content is very helpful for those who are looking to travel in style without breaking the bank. But it’s not all budgeting and saving money, she also discusses how to travel without quitting your job, offering tips on weekend trip planning. Her work is a great resource, and she keeps it real on the struggle of balancing life, work, and travel.

10. Taryn, @hertravelstyle

Taryn’s blog and Instagram aesthetically tick all the boxes you want from a travel influencer. She’s a hugely talented stylist, photographer, and content creator. You can easily get lost in either, which is exactly what she wants you to do. She states, “I decided to create and style these colorful pages as a means to empower, support and excite you for your next (solo) journey.” Her work is empowering, and her travel experience of covering the entire US and 70 countries has resulted in a vault of information to inspire even seasoned travelers.

11. Olga Maria @dreamsinheels

Olga Maria is the founder of the popular Latinas Who Travel account on Instagram, a bilingual community that aims to bring together Latinas to share travel stories and inspire others to do the same. Her blog has won awards and focuses on solo female travel and lifestyle. She also speaks publicly about how she carved out a job for herself in the industry and offers insight into how other women, especially Latinas, can do the same.

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