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Lufthansa's New Allegris Program Brings Customization to the Forefront For the Most Personalized Flight Experience

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by Nickolaus Hines Apr 16, 2024

Frequent flyers know that seat selection is important. That said, there’s not typically a whole lot of customization other than the broader class designation and picking between aisle or window (or worse, getting stuck with only middle seat options). Lufthansa is changing that with an expansive new program called Lufthansa Allegris, which starts on May 1 with a flight from Munich to Vancouver, Canada.

Designed for long-haul routes, Lufthansa Allegris allows travelers to break down exactly the type of seat they want. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach of economy, premium economy, business, and first class, Lufthansa’s Allegris flights have specific options for what travelers are looking for. There are seven options in business class alone, for example, and detailed information for anyone looking to make smart decisions on getting the best flight experience they need.

The program is available on Airbus A350 planes, and Toronto, Chicago, and Montreal are all on the list of future Allegris routes in 2024.

It’s the type of personalization that travelers have come to expect in other aspects of travel, but don’t get to see in the air. At the highest end, there’s the new first class with high partitions and a generous amount of personal space in the suite (not to mention a personal wardrobe with a large mirror and extra-wide seats that can turn into a bed at night). The first class suite plus has two separately controllable extra-wide seats that can lay into a single or double bed, as well as a 43-inch monitor with 4K quality.

Lufthansa Allegra business class has seven different options, all with high seat shells for privacy; an 18-inch, 4K monitor; lockable storage compartments; and Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect your headphones. In business class, there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs among the choices. The extra long bed option, for example, has a 2.2-meter-long bed, while one of the privacy seat options has a place for a baby right up next to the seat. Travelers needing to get some work done will appreciate the extra space seat, which has more storage and working space.

Even economy travelers get in on the benefits of Lufthansa’s new seat designs on Allegra flights. Premium economy class seats are specially designed to provide plenty of privacy and the seats move without disturbing the people around you — and have a 39-inch seat pitch (the average for airlines based in the United States, by comparison, is around 32 inches). Leather armrests and a coat hook are other extra touches that justify the upgrade from standard economy. For anyone looking to capitalize on the lower price of economy class while still getting some extra space, Lufthansa Allegra has a program called economy class free neighbor seat, which allows travelers to book an adjacent seat that’s guaranteed to remain empty.

The first flight with Allegris options departs on May 1, and the wide selection of options is visible in all booking channels. For future flights, passengers can see if their plane has the Allegris product three weeks before departure. With customizations like these, you may start to wonder why the flying experience has been the way it is for so long.

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