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Why You Shouldn’t Get Luggage With a Zipper if You Want the Most Secure Option

Travel Safety
by Morgane Croissant Apr 15, 2024

If you thought that your suitcase with built-in TSA-approved locks was the pinnacle of luggage safety, think again. No matter what code you choose for your locks, or the material, brand, or the quality of your case, all that thieves need to get into your suitcase is a little bit of dishonest motivation and a pen. Yes, a pen. Not a knife or a crowbar.

As demonstrated in the following Tiktok video, by jamming the tip of a pen between the teeth of the zipper of your suitcase and moving it up and down, any ill-intentioned person can get into your case, have a rummage, and grab whatever pleases them. All without much efforts, skills, or any fancy tools.

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The person behind this Tiktok tried the pen trick on a variety of luggage brands, from Roam to Away to Aerotrunk and more, and no matter the price or quality of the suitcase, they all succumbed to the might of a simple plastic ballpoint pen.

Of course, this only applies to zippered luggage, so if you want to keep your belongings safe, you should opt for a luggage without zipper. Monos, level 8, Rimowa, Sterling Pacific, and some models by Samsonite offer zipperless suitcases that work like old-fashioned trunks with one or two solid locks to keep your stuff secure.

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