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A Luxurious River Cruise Launches in Europe, but the Itinerary Is a Secret

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by Eben Diskin Apr 21, 2021

How would you feel about spending $6,999 on a cruise without even knowing where you’re going? That’s the leap of faith Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is asking you to take. The cruise line is offering a 10-day Mystery Cruise through Europe, setting sail June 12, 2022.

Every detail of the luxury river cruise is a complete surprise, from the itinerary to the specific excursions. Type A travelers and organizers who crave control should probably steer clear. To truly enjoy, this experience requires an impressive level of impulsiveness, spontaneity, and some savings in the bank.

The hefty cost encompasses every aspect of the trip, including flights, offshore excursions, gourmet meals, accommodations, and more. The catch is, you won’t know your itinerary until you’re headed to the airport. A packing list will be provided prior to takeoff, but otherwise, you’ll be flying blind.

The company has won countless awards for its impeccable level of hospitality and its fleet of boutique river cruise ships look like floating five-star hotels. And while no details have been released, Uniworld promises that this is a “once-in-a-lifetime vacation that will leave you amazed at every turn…If you know Uniworld, you know we have a knack for meticulously curating everything from the grandest affairs down to our signature Tiny Noticeable Touches®. So, while you might be heading into your cruise not knowing what to expect, you can expect a masterpiece.”

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