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This Dreamy Luxury Campground in Japan Is Straight Out of a Storybook

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by Eben Diskin Aug 11, 2020

The Nordic concept of hygge means the feeling of living contentedly in the moment, and it’s certainly something to aspire to during these stressful times. A campground in Japan is using hygge as a design inspiration for a luxury campground, called “Nordisk Hygge Circles.” Intended to be a healing space for travelers, the campground is located at the base of a mountain close to waterfalls in the Ugaki natural area outside of Inabe.

The campground was designed by a Japanese-Danish team, the winner of a regenerative tourism competition launched by Danish outdoor gear company Nordisk. Its goal was to redefine luxury travel with a sustainable camping experience.

Third Nature, the architects working on the project, said in a press release, “The world ‘hygge’ is derived from ancient Nordic language, and at its core, we find two aspects that are of particular interest to the design team. It is about togetherness (hugga), and it is about reflection (hyggja).”

The park will consist of three main areas: an overnight zone with reservable circular cabins and glamping tents, a “learning field” where guests can take workshops inspired by nature, and an area for pitch-your-own-tent campsites.

Photo: Nordisk Outdoor/Facebook

Erik J. Møller, CEO of Nordisk, told Business Insider that the park’s theme has been “reinforced, ot turbo-charged if you will, by the present worldwide pandemic. Nature is not sick and is really a refuge for many people right now.”

Nordisk Hygge Circles is set to open in the spring of 2021.

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